Amazing CBD Products for Athletes

Oregon Hemp House Has the Best Selection of CBD Products for Athletes

CBD-based products can offer many benefits to different people, but what you may not know is that athletes can derive a host of benefits from these items. Oregon Hemp House carries a wide variety of products that can help you feel your best. Whether you partake in a light workout or a heavy lifting session, read on to learn about a few of the useful CBD products we offer.

CBD bath bombs

CBD Bath Bombs

A bath bomb infused with CBD oil is perfect for moderate and serious athletes. CBD oil mixed with a special blend of Epsom salts helps your body rejuvenate by soothing sore muscles; in fact, Oregon Hemp House offers a special bath bomb created specifically for rejuvenation, containing 100 mg of high-quality CBD oil. This oil soaks into your skin to relax muscles and ward off soreness. A good soak of about 30 minutes is perfect for the best results!

CBD bath salts

CBD Bath Salts

Bath salts work in much the same way as a bath bomb. Both help to increase blood circulation, which can relieve swelling after a workout. However, Oregon Hemp House’s bath salts are more concentrated, making them more effective at releasing toxins from the body. Freeing the toxins allows the oils to enter your system through clean pores.

CBD body oil

CBD Body Oil

CBD-infused body oils work well as massage oils. CBD can act as an agent for relaxing tight muscles and easing pain from swelling. These oils react well in an all-over body massage or on a particularly sore spot. Athletes can take advantage of after-game massages no matter what sport they play, and CBD body oils can go a long way to relaxing your muscles and your entire body.

CBD protein powder

CBD Protein Powder

Protein is one of the most basic building blocks of muscles and other tissues. The amino acids found in protein powder can help repair muscles after a training session. The CBD infusion contained in the powder assists in this recovery process. Oregon Hemp House offers whey protein powder in two flavors, chocolate and vanilla.

There are many more products available from Oregon Hemp House that cater to athletes specifically. Whether you are looking for a calming sleep mask or a refreshing beverage, we have it in stock. Come by and see what we have to make your workouts less painful and more beneficial to your overall health.

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