14% CBDa- Pine Berry (15 Grams Prepackaged flower)- BARGAIN BUDS!!!


This fragrant and fruity CBD strain is a special release, meaning that in order to enjoy it, you need to shop our CBD flower options now.

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“Pine Berry craft hemp flower matures in August in the warm summer air, which diffuses high notes of green lemon, sugared berries, and sappy pine. The strain finishes with large, airy flowers and subtle astringent flavors. This strain is hand-trimmed and contains buds of various sizes. Flowers of this strain range in size and density, and are a little rough looking due to the natural growing structure.

This product is 100% organically grown at Organic Green Roots™ farm in Oregon with certified organic nutrients. It contains no pesticides, no herbicides, and no synthetics.

OGR- Pine Berry & OHH


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