Awake Milk Chocolate by Grön


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Rise and shine your brightest with adaptogen-infused milk chocolate mocha. Wake up on the right side of bed every single day with Grön CBD Awake Adaptogenic Milk Chocolate. With 30mg of CBD and 20 mg of caffeine, you’ll be ready to start the day. This chocolate supplement is 38% milk chocolate mocha bite makes it easy for accurate dosing. Formulated to support normal, everyday stresses and help maintain a sense of calm, you can get through your day energized and ready to tackle the challenges ahead. Made with broad-spectrum hemp extract. The milk chocolate contains caffeine & theobromine, both of which boost energy.

This product:
Is non-psychoactive (no THC)

Contains 30mg of CBD

Is organically-grown in Oregon

Is low in sugar

Can be used on a daily basis


Gron Dark Awake Chocolate Bar COA


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