RELIEVE Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil by Living Earth Hemp (1250mg CBD)


Containing 1250mg of CBD hemp oil, this tincture can be used orally and topically.


Experience the power of full spectrum CBD products with Living Earth Hemp. Unlike isolate products that only contain synthetic CBD, our extracts are packed with a variety of beneficial compounds. Our unique process starts with premium flower, not stalks and stems, which are then carefully extracted using an inert dual fluid supercritical method. This ensures that the most beneficial compounds are preserved. By working in harmony with CBD, these compounds create a perfectly balanced remedy. The Living Earth Hemp 1250 mg Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil can be taken sublingually, applied topically, or mixed with your favorite carrier oil. Discover the natural benefits of full spectrum CBD today.

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Sustainably and organically grown, this hemp CBD oil is great for daytime use. Dosage is a half dropper held under the tongue. It can be also used topically, simply rub the oil into any area that is in need of comfort, or add it to any carrier oil for massage use.

There are no artificial ingredients or flavorings. Flavors come from organic terpenes and from nature itself!

  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • Pesticide-free
  • Regeneratively farmed
  • Oregon grown 3rd party lab tested

Product contains 1250mg of total CBD and 48mg per half dropper.

Living Earth- Relieve COA


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