High Potency CBD Oil by Organic Green Roots 3000mg and 5000mg


Created by Organic Green Roots, this CBD balm is worth a try

Chronic Pain Release Balm is specifically developed for deeper, more chronic pain issues. This formula is extremely concentrated and contains highly active medicinal plant compounds, including a potent 3350 mg CBD.

When applied, receptors in the skin are activated, triggering the body’s endocannabinoid system to reduce the pain response and provide targeted inflammation relief. Works within minutes.

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Chronic Pain Release is not your typical CBD balm. It’s a highly active topical treatment that will assist the body’s natural healing response.

    • Most common Benefits:
      • Pain relief
      • Insomnia relief / sleep aid
      • Reduced or eliminated anxiety
      • Reduced stress
      • Uplifted mood
      • Increased mobility
      • Reduced nausea
      • Reduced spasms
      • Relief from nerve pain
      • Reduced inflammation
      Some reported benefits from our customers:
      • Reliable sleep Aid
      • Muscle Relaxant
      • Reduces seizures
      • Anti Inflammatory
      • Lowered blood pressure
      • Reduced symptoms of enlarged prostate
      • Greatly reduced anxiety & stress
      • Reduced the side effects of quitting cigarettes
      • Reduced the side effects of recent sobriety


→ 5000mg LAB TEST / COA

→ 3000mg LAB / TEST COA


Hemp Resin Drops Be well CBD OIL 3K mg CBD Be well CBD OIL 5K mg CBD
CBD – 2% CBD – 10% CBD – 17%
THC – 0.23% THC – 0.28% THC – 0.2%
21 mg CBD / ml (full dropper) 100 mg CBD / ml (full dropper) 173 mg CBD / ml (full dropper)
2.3 mg THC / ml (full dropper) 2.8 mg THC / ml (full dropper) 2.2 mg THC /ml (full dropper)

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3000mg CBD, 5000mg CBD


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