Shop Local For The Holidays

Explore unique offerings from Oregon Hemp House to make the season merry and bright!

Stocking with CBD product in it.

It’s never too early to begin the quest for the perfect holiday gifts.

So why not shop locally? While Big Box stores may offer attractive prices on products you love, shopping local for the holidays with Oregon Hemp House can leave everyone feeling warm and fuzzy knowing that you get exceptionally crafted CBD products from people who care.

Support the local Oregon community and discover the amazing products that Oregon Hemp House retails.

For the skincare fanatic in your life, LIT fuses a superstar lineup of jojoba, primrose, and lavender oils with a broad-spectrum CBD. If nourished and hydrated skin is a goal, help your loved ones beat the dry and cold season with a face oil that goes the extra mile.

Support a healthy glow before and after the holidays!

A bottle of LIT hemp face oil.
CBD flower on a white background.

Chardonnay – 13.98% CBD by Oregon Hemp House

Curate a silent night with this hemp flower from Oregon Hemp House. Bred specifically from an Indica dominant strain, its high CBD content is perfect for an evening where you can relax and unwind.

Give this as an early gift, or gift it to yourself as a way to make it through the stress of the holidays!

Sleep is vital to our health and wellness, and after the holidays, many people are going to need a major recharge. If you have friends and family who burn the wick at both ends — especially during the holidays — give the gift of slumber with CBD gummies.

CBD+melatonin is a dream!

A bottle of CBD sleep gummies.
A tincture of FOCUS CBD.

FOCUS Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil by Living Earth Hemp (1250mg CBD)

The holidays can get overwhelming very quickly — from a schedule full of parties and events to attend to expedited work deadlines, keeping your focus on the task at hand is tough.

Embrace a terpene-abundant CBD tincture that will help everyone get through the holidays and beyond.

Supporting small businesses during the holidays is more crucial than ever, and it’s just a better experience overall. You can connect with locals at Oregon Hemp House who know their products and can help you find the perfect gifts.